• Reshaping City Logistics

    a project by ImagineCargo

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    Reshaping City Logistics

    A project by ImagineCargo supported by Engagement Migros

    The ever-growing package volume together with changing customer expectations for more flexibility in package delivery challenges the current package delivery system. Especially the last mile distribution in urban areas is more and more becoming a bottleneck. In the project "Reshaping City Logistics", supported by Engagement Migros a Development Fund of the Migros Group we want to challenge the status quo and reshape city logistics in Switzerland and beyond. Our main focus lies on two topics: Cargo trikes and software solutions for urban last-mile couriers.

    Cargo Trikes

    The future backbone of city logistics?

    3.5t diesel vehicle serving the last mile from out of town inventory locations isn't fit to adress current and future challenges of urban last-mile package distribution. Smaller, more flexible and versatile as well as more sustainable vehicles are needed. Given the recent technological developments of high capacity cargo trikes, these vehicles could play a vital role in solving the last mile package and pallet distribution. Find out more...


    Software solutions

    Digitizing the last mile

    Logistics need to be backed by software - nothing new. We're working on software that specifically serves the needs of urban last mile operators who want to step in to e commerce supply chains. Find out more...

    Lighthouse Projects

    ​Let us work with you to reshape your logistics!

    We're always looking for new opportunities test our solutions. During the "Reshape City Logistics" project we're starting several Lighthouse projects in Switzerland and Europe. If you want to be part of that and have an existing fleet, supply chain or transports to be done, get in touch with us through our website: www.imaginecargo.com.

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