To reach our goal of establishing bikes and trikes as a serious alternative to the diesel van we need creative approaches and robust and customized solutions. To establish these solutions in our own fleet we worked together with a manufacturer from Berlin to develop and build a trailer that carries up to 80kg and close to 1 cubic meter being lightweight at the same time.

The most interesting feature for us: the tow bar is easily detached - the trailer can thereby be used on a cargo bike as well as on a cargo trike to get the most out of it.

With the trailer we can easily meet our customer's requirements regarding volume, weight and speed.

Thanks to a weather proof body we can also use the trailer in harsh weather conditions and for fragile parcels. 

Technical Info

Size of the box:  160 x 75 x 75 (lhw)

Max volume: 0,9qm

Max payload: 80kg

Weight: 29kg

Material: aluminum

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