• Hardware

    The Backbone of every Sustainable City Logistics Operation

    Trike Engineering

    In order to prepare for large-scale operations we need to work with manufacturers, engineers and researchers to improve the strength, weight, performance and reliability of cargo trikes.

    • modification and development of existing trike chassis designs to improve strength, reduce weight and extend working life

    • development of bodywork designs for various transport applications

    • work with manufacturers to develop designs for high-volume series production at lower cost




    With our lighthouse operation up and running in Zürich, we realize that for certain customers and goods we need even more volume than our trikes can offer. We therefore developed a trailer that suits our needs regarding volume, robustness and being weather proof at the same time.


    A first version of the trailer was deployed in our daily operation in early 2018 in Zürich. Read our Blogpost for more info.

    Drivetrain, battery, charging and energy management


    • analysis of current technologies

    • monitoring of energy usage in varying real operational situations

    • assessment of new technologies

    • experimentation with alternative technologies and techniques

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