• Partners

    Together we can do more - that's why we are keen to form partnerships!

    Engagement Migros

    ...is our Innovation Partner supporting the project. Engagement Migros is a Development Fund of the Migros Group enabling pioneering projects to put forward-looking ideas to the test.

    Carbon Composites

    Carbon Composites e.V. (CCeV) is a group of companies and research facilities, which covers the entire value chain of high-performance fiber composites in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

    Starke Cycles

    ...produce electrically assisted cargo vehicles for climate friendly last mile deliveries.
    Starke Cycles are rugged, efficient and compatible with existing logistic infrastructure.


    htw University

    HTW Berlin (University of Applied Science) offers over 70 study programmes in the areas of technology, computing, business, culture and design. It is the largest university of applied sciences in Berlin and our partner for trike and software development.


    ...is a cycle logistics operator from Sweden. In short, they deliver goods on cargo cycles.

    The longer version is that their cargo bikes, some with electric assist, are capable of transporting up to 300kg of goods, up to two EU-pallets.



    As our logistics and engineering partner in Berlin, Germany, Velogista operates a fleet of high capacity cargo trikes and brings a lot of expertise on mechanical optimization into the project.


    In Switzerland, since 2015 we have an ongoing partnership with myclimate giving us the possibility to support the acquisition and operation of e-assisted cargo bikes and trikes.


    ...is constructing and building light but robust bike trailers in Berlin. For our first pilot we worked on a high volume trailer for grocery transports together.


    ...brings companies together that are in favour of environmentally responsible business practices. They share know-how, encourage innovation and lobby for effective policy rules. In so doing they contribute to a sustainable future for Switzerland and help to expand market opportunities for our businesses.




    ...develop and produce cargo bikes and cargo trikes in South Germany. With years of experience they have a great amount of expertise in professional cycle logistics vehicles.


    We're always looking for new partners! Get in touch with us if you're interested!

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