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  • Dawn of the cargo bike industry

    The cargo bike industry has seen big changes over the past years and the whole sector has evolved from a niche of enthusiasts to becoming a serious alternative as a mode of transport in mass logistics markets.


    A specially interesting subset of cargo bikes are the high capacity cargo trikes (or quads) that are able to carry payloads of several 100kg of packages or whole palettes.


    Below we want to show you how you can easily put a cargo trike on the road in Switzerland. For more Infos check out our wiki.

  • Cargo Trikes in Switzerland

    Why need a delivery van if you have a cargobike with...


    Maximum vehicle weight


    Maximum pedal assisted speed


    Maximum engine power

    Cycle rights

    Allowed to use bike infrastructure

  • Rikschaartige Fahrzeuge

    In Switzerland Cargo Trikes are classified as a "rikschaartiges Fahrzeug", a subclass of a "Kleinmotorrad" according to the "Verordnung über die technischen Anforderungen an Strassenfahrzeuge". A good summary of the key features of this vehicle class can be found here.


    A Kleinmotorrad needs to be registered at the local Strassenverkerhsamt in order to get the number plate and be allowed to put on the road. The Strassenverkehrsamt can register a vehicle either based on a type-approval or an Einzelzulassung. See wiki for more infos.


    If a vehicle is type-approved it means that the Astra has approved that it complies with all necessary regulations. The registration at the Strassenverkehrsamt then is just a formality. BUT...

    Type approved Cargo Trikes

    Up until recently, there was only one type-approved cargo trike in Switzerland. As this vehicle was not designed from scratch for logistics purposes we decided it is time to fill this gap and obtained type approval for the Radkutsche Musktetier as part of the reshaping citylogistcs project.

  • Type approved Cargo Trikes

    Register your vehicle in an instant

    Radkutsche Musketier

    The new kid on the block

    The Musketier from Radkutsche, one of Germany's leading cargo bike manufacturers, is powered by a 250W front wheel hub engine. Thanks to its more than 1.3 m3 box space and hand-welded steel frame you can transport very heavy and bulky goods. Its minimalistic design makes it relatively easy to maintain even by your local bike mechanic and thanks to its normal cycle sitting position it feels almost like riding a normal bike. Get in touch with Radkutsche to purchase a Musketier. The type approval will be included. Nothing more needed.


    From taxi to cargo

    The cargocruiser by Rikschataxi is based on the citycruiser 2, which was originally developed for passenger transport. It comes with a 1 m3 cargo box, a 250 W front wheel hub engine and rider cabinet that protects you from rain and wind. To purchase and register a cargocruiser get in touch with Rikschataxi directly.

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